Pflaum Food Production Center - Cook I - 1.0/40 hpw
Pflaum-Food Services
Job Number 4100011940
Start Date 11/06/2017
Open Date 11/01/2017
Closing Date 11/17/2017



Responsible for the daily operation of the Child Nutrition Program with limited on site supervision. Duties include but are not limited to: food preparation, service, sanitation & HACCP, record keeping, cash handling & point for sale operation, communicating with customers, parents and school staff, and meeting deadlines. Demonstrating a positive attitude and teamwork on the job site at all times is extremely important. 



  1. Sign in ready to work at the schedule time following dress code policy. Follow your scheduled hours and record them accurately each day. Any deviation from the schedule shift should be cleared prior to with supervisor. Time card and break procedures must be followed.
  2. Follow "clean as you go policy". Your work area should always be neat and organized. This includes all storage areas, coolers and freezers.
  3. Must maintain high quality standards in the area of food preparation, safety, sanitation and personal hygiene. Meals must be prepared accurately to insure the highest quality possible.
  4. Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times and maintain a friendly and helpful attitude towards, students, parents, school staff and fellow employees.
  5. Consistent attendance is required to provide excellent service to our customers, If you are unable to be at work, please follow the appropriate guidelines in the attendance policy
  6. Demonstrate a positive professional image at all times for customers, staff, parents and fellow employees. Cooperation and teamwork are expected at all times. Facilitates positive communication with all of these people and groups.
  7. Responsible for the quality, accuracy and timely completion of all assigned tasks and projects.
  8. Implement sound food and supply cost control practices within the assigned scope of the business to meet the program goals
  9. Takes positive actions to support the School District, department, and community objectives such as local purchasing, wellness, student choices, and innovation in program offerings.
  10. Responsible for the effective use of school district resources such as food, supply and equipment. Reducing and controlling waste with effective planning and communication is essential. Monitors and places orders for food and supplies while performing inventory control.
  11. Responsible for the timely and accurate completion of assigned records which includes but not limited to: time cards, transport sheets, temperature control logs, sanitizer logs, production records and HACCP records.
  12. Prepare meals accurately following standardize recipes to ensure high quality food products and the highest standard of food safety ( At the FPC volume cooking examples are 500# of rice, 640# pasta, HS volume can reach up to 500 portions)
  13. Preparation of food will include cooking from scratch, fast food, fresh and frozen foods. The food should be prepared in appropriate batch cooking to provide best quality food to our customers.
  14. Creation and development for new menu concepts, recipes and presentation of food maintaining the USDA, MMSD & DPI requirements. Utilize food and food preparation techniques in the best interest for MMSD.
  15. May include banking functions ad reconcile of daily cash receipts, bank deposits and or cash reports.
  16. Be able to operate a variety of kitchen equipment including but not limited to: different kind of ovens, stove, steamer, mixes, kettle, slicers, Operation of various computer programs like Excel, Word, Email and any other required to perform daily tasks.
  17. Other related duties assigned by lead worker or supervisor.
Work Location Pflaum-Food Services
Hours of work 5:00am - 1:00pm
FTE/Hours Per Week
1.0 FTE/40 hpw



Note: Selected candidates for permanent positions, at schools or the Food Production Center, are expected to work summer school.

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities



  1. Ability to read, follow directions and maintain records.
  2. Knowledge of basic mathematical skills.
  3. Ability to deal effectively with diverse district personnel, students and the community.
  4. Ability to operate various commercial kitchen equipment
  5. Knowledge of large-scale food production.
  6. Work requires walking, lifting, climbing, bending, reaching and kneeling.
  7. Ability to operate cash registers and handles money.
  8. Must show initiative and the ability to implement and deal with changes in the operation.
  9. Requires confidentiality of data and information that you may have access to.
  10. Experience working cross-culturally and/or commitment to work toward one?s own cultural competence, i.e. valuing difference/diversity, recognizing personal limitations in one?s own skills and expertise, and having the desire to learn in these areas.


Minimum Qualifications



  1. Six months cooking & baking experience in a large scale food service operation or a combination of experience and formal training the equivalent of one year.
  2. Must have Serv Safe Sanitation Certificate for successful completion of probation.
  3. Must have reliable transportation to work each day.
Other Information


Vacancy is due to the retirement of CK

Req: 6021
Class: F024
Supervisor: 724903

Application Deadline 11/17/17
Equal Opportunity Employer