2018-19 Educational Interpreter (for Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
Doyle-Student Services
Job Number 4100010676
Start Date
Open Date 12/01/2017
Closing Date

Interpret or transliterate any information presented in academic classes or extracurricular activities for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Must convey the content and spirit of the speaker using language most readily understood by the student. Serve as communication link for the student with a hearing loss; voice for students whose speech is unintelligible.


Work Location Doyle-Student Services

$21.77 per hour. Starting wage.  Based on year of experience.


Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Training/experience with signing and working with a diverse student population. Expressive and receptive signing skills in English, PSE and ASL. Transliteration/interpretation skills for all levels of academics.


Minimum Qualifications

WI DPI Educational Interpreter (884) certification.


Desired Qualifications

DSPS Licensure


Other Information

This is an "applicant pool" posting. It does not signify that vacancies actually exist at this time. The purpose of this posting is to develop a pool of qualified applicants, should vacancies become available.

For more information about teaching at MMSD and about our application process, go to www.mmsd.org/teach-madison.

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Thank you for your interest in working at the Madison Metropolitan School District, where we're committed to making every school a thriving school, and every student ready for college, career and community.


Human Resources will evaluate candidates on a rolling basis between 12/1/17 - 4/1/18, and as needed thereafter. School-based interviewing for specific positions will begin in late April 2017. Interviews are scheduled based on district/school need and certification/skills of applicants.

For priority consideration, apply early! 

Application Deadline 04/01/2018
Equal Opportunity Employer