Educational Assistant Applicant Pool
Madison Metropolitan School District/MSCR
545 W Dayton St, Room 133
Madison, WI 53703
Job Number 4100000002
Start Date
Open Date 01/01/2013
Closing Date

Educational Assistants provide program assistance in a variety of ways. Duties may be performed in a variety of settings; the office, classroom, and/or library. Duties may include, but are not limited to: assisting in the preparation of instructional materials, maintenance of records, and supervision of students in the lunchroom, hallway and/or playground.

- Assist teacher with instructional program and classroom management.
- Provide instructional assistance in small groups or one to one.
- Assist in the preparation of instructional materials.
- Maintain, set up, clean, sort supplies and equipment.
- Supervise lunchrooms, recess, playground, and hallways.
- Other related duties as directed.


Work Location Doyle-Human Resources
Hours of work to be determined
FTE/Hours Per Week
to be determined

Starting hourly wage $15. Annual pay increases, and excellent benefits with 19 or more hours per week


Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

- Ability to assist teacher with classroom management.
- Assist students in developing social skills under a teacher's direction.
- Provide instructional assistance in small groups on one to one.
- Ability to work with a diverse student population including variety of ages, cognitive abilities.
- Ability to deal with sensitive issues as they relate to different minority groups and socio economic levels.
- Ability to assist in working with students on different multicultural issues as they relate to the understanding of the various cultural groups.
- Ability to empathize with students of different minority and socioeconomic backgrounds.
- Ability to deal with and monitor student behavior.
- Ability to maintain student confidentiality.
- Perform a variety of duties.
- Ability to take direction, learn quickly and work closely with the teacher and other team members.
- Experience working cross-culturally and/or commitment to work toward improving one's own cultural competence, i.e., valuing difference/diversity, recognizing personal limitations in one's skills and expertise, and having the desire to learn in these areas.


Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must have 48 academic credits beyond high school. Transcripts displaying credits earn must be provided.


Desired Qualifications

Certification in CPR and First Aid is desired.
Fluency in Spanish is highly desired.


Other Information

This is an "applicant pool" posting. It does not signify that vacancies actually exist at this time. The purpose of this posting is to develop a pool of qualified applicants, should vacancies become available.

The MMSD does not post specific vacancies externally. When a vacancy has not been filled through the transfer of a current MMSD Education Assistant, we go directly to the external pool to review external applicants who are active in the pool.

If you have questions as to the status of your application or the availability of positions, please contact Elaine Wirsbinski,, 608-663-1748.


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